Suspects Music Blog - Season 5 Episode 4.


I'm a little late this week because of the bank holiday weekend but I'm guessing you're all in the same boat so not to worry.

I'm here now to discuss Episode 4 which aired Wednesday 24th August.

During the season so far, we've been slowly discovering that DCI Dan Drummond (James Murray) is rather shady. Behind the tall, dark and handsome exterior is a senior police officer knee deep in corruption and there have been musical references to that throughout. They have been fairly subtle in episodes 1-3 but I have been building a theme that appears whenever we see Drummond up to no good or the consequences of his actions, and in Episode 4, this becomes more prominent. The biggest section musically in this episode is at the end of part 3, when Drummond is at the top story of the car park with local villain, Mo (Neil Stuke) and his scum bag brother Stan (Sam Stockman).

This is where lots of themes start to weave together. At the top of the sequence we begin with the Suspects theme as Jack races off responding to the call he's just received, when we get up to the car park, we bring back the dark threatening theme I've been using whenever Stan is on the scene - things are not looking good for him but he tells Jack where to find Lucy and when we see Jack reunited with her, Lucy's theme is reprised, musically breathing a huge sigh of relief. Cut back to Stan and Mo and Stan's theme builds to its awful conclusion as Mo throws him over the edge, and as he hits the ground, the drums tell us it's over. Drummond's theme coming in hard now as we see the fallout - this is intense!

You can listen to that cue here.

After witnessing Stan's demise, TDC Gary Roscoe (Perry Fitzpatrick) starts to be very suspicious of Drummond and as he sits at his desk in CID in shock, for the first time we hear echoes of the Drummond theme but with the introduction of a higher Rhodes piano line in there too. These pensive notes are telling us that the cogs are ticking in Gary's head- he's trying to figure out what the hell Drummond is up to.

When Gary sits in the pub and starts to explain his suspicions to Charlie (Clare Hope-Ashitey), we hear that melody again and now it's starting to build momentum.

You can listen to that cue here.

As we reach the gripping climax of this story we are going to hear more of these themes so do listen out!

I hope you enjoyed the episode and the music - I'd love to hear your thoughts or if you have any questions, please do leave a comment.

- Justine