Suspects Music Blog - Season 5 Episode 3.


Hey folks, I’m back to chat about the music for episode three which aired on Wednesday 17th August.

This week, I thought I’d focus more on the technical side of what’s involved as opposed to the composition. So here’s how I create the Suspects sound...

Screenshot from the Logic project for Episode Three.

Screenshot from the Logic project for Episode Three.

I work from my studio in London using Logic X. Over the years, I’ve been creating and developing my own signature sounds and storing them in my little black book of weird and wonderful noises. I also have a collection of excellent sample libraries from companies such as Spitfire, Native Instruments and Sonokinetic.

As I’ve mentioned before I also use the live recordings of Richard Curran on violin, viola and cello, specially recorded for each show, and there’s some live bass guitar in the mix too. All in all, I usually end up with 100 - 120 channels of audio - that's a lot of layers!

This use of modern, digital sounds and uncomfortable synths and noises, blended with the raw, real quality of the strings and piano are what make up the show's musical identity. It’s a reflection of the show itself; modern, edgy, pacey but with some real, uncomfortable grit and emotion in there too.

I hope you are enjoying the series so far - as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts or if you have any questions, please do leave a comment.

- Justine