nigel bristow - director

the sun stands still, to say goodbye - lamda films

'Finding a shared language to describe what a film cue should sound like is notoriously tricky; Justine has the rare ability to make the dialogue between director and composer incredibly straightforward. On both films the turnaround from spotting session to final delivery was ridiculously tight; Justine not only delivered high quality scores on schedule but she also wrote and recorded two original songs specifically for the films.'

aml ameen - actor/ director

hoorah, 12, drink, drugs & KFC - ameen dream entertainment

'Justine has been an invaluable instrument in my film making. Guiding my ideas from concepts, and helping me bring them to life. One of the greatest examples of our work together is my short film 12. The main character of the film was to be the music, which would take the audience on a spectrum of human emotions. Justine captured this with sheer brilliance. She’s a special talent, and one I hope to work with for the rest of my career.'

kara manley - series producer

suspects - newman street

'Justine was involved in discussions of how to define the show from the very start, before we had even shot a frame – it was telling that the channel, who had been very nervous about having music at all, loved it instantly and had no notes.'

anthony quinn - head of screen & audio performance

14 short dramas - lamda films

'Justine’s written over a dozen scores, ranging from mournful elegies to quirky country romps, using strings, guitars, synth pads and vocals. She’s written Christmas songs and club tracks – and done it all with enthusiasm and taste.'

donna wiffen - head of worldwide drama

crime stories - fremantle media

'Justine is a very creative composer who works tirelessly to achieve good results – I would have no hesitation in recommending her.'

chris hyde - director

red zone - satchel films

'On a tight schedule, Justine was able to create an epic sci-fi score for Red Zone. She got into the heads of the characters and built amazing themes that enriched the storyline and supported the visuals in ways we could never have imagined. It was an inspiring, collaborative process that we would be thrilled to repeat for future projects.'

sam callis - director

viking - breakneck productions

inside run - ikka productions/ naked ape films

'Justine is a seriously talented composer and, someone I would recommend wholeheartedly for any project seeking a creatively unique voice and member of the team who is completely easy to work with.'

tim leandro - director

troll slayer, pushaway - lamda films

'Justine is a fine composer of film scores, sensitive to subject matter, aware of genre requirements, collaborative and responsive to direction.  In addition to her evident talent she is also a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in working with her again.'

mark lobatto - director

silent treatment - awake at night pictures

'She was quick to grasp the tone, pace and emotion behind the music. An enjoyable and seamless experience that I recommend.'

freya berry - producer

social responsibility - hope child africa

'Justine’s sensitive approach to the brief combined with her talent & creative flair meant that our charity film was really brought to life & has secured us even more sponsors for our children at Hope Child Africa’s children’s home.'

peter oliver - director

it's about time - graft films

'Justine transformed my vision for ‘It’s about Time.’ I asked her to write a score that was playful but invoked a whole range of emotions from happiness to sorrow. She did this and much more and was a joy to work with.'

eric kolelas - director

hold - eric kolelas films

'I loved working with Justine. She really knows how to translate your narrative and its nuanced tones into musical language. Very quick turnaround too.'