Music for Sé at London Design Festival 2017

Delighted to announce that once again I've been commissioned by luxury furniture designers, .

During this year’s annual London Design Festival, European furniture brand Sé, known for its elegant and characterful collections by leading international designers, presents ‘Sé Savoir Faire’, a celebration of French craftsmanship, art and design.

I was asked to write a bespoke piece to be played as design collectors and enthusiasts visit 's flagship showroom, located in the heart of London’s Brompton Design District on the Fulham Road. The track is gently uplifting but also evoking feelings of nostalgia. Take a listen...

The track is part of 2 new piano works I've called Recollections. You can hear the first in the series here.

Both tracks are available for sync licensing through my publisher Music Sales Creative.